Divorce is unfamiliar territory for most people. Every divorce has different factors that make each divorce unique. Having experienced representation is crucial.  Being represented in your divorce means that you are informed with the best advice to make important decisions. It also means that you have an attorney who will effectively pursue your best interests in Court.


Divorce can be expensive and stressful. You are not alone. Every year, thousands of Californians experience a divorce. Fortunately, the vast majority of divorces are settled by a written agreement (Stipulated Judgment) prior to going to a costly trial. Whether the factors of your situation will accommodate this economical option, or whether a more aggressive approach is needed, David Winslow can help you.

Practicing family law for more than 19 years, David Winslow has handled hundreds of trials and hearings for clients in Southern California Courts. His experience includes complex child custody battles involving expert witnesses and supervised visitation, international child custody move away cases, and detailed property tracing matters.

To give you an advantage with property litigation, David Winslow is also a Licensed Real Estate Broker with the best knowledge to advise you and craft favorable settlements with the disposition of your home and other real estate. An attorney with a working knowledge of the real estate industry is a financial benefit to you when dealing with property.

Working with you, David Winslow will formulate a plan that takes into consideration all the factors and circumstances of your situation. The goal is always to maximize your results in the most economical manner available. All matters are handled on a personal level.

The Law Office of David C. Winslow is dedicated to achieving the best results for you, in your divorce and/or child custody conflict.

Depending on your preference, consultations can be completed in person or by phone. Call today for your confidential consultation - 949-262-3434.

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