Spousal Support

A divorce agreement should adequately provide for your financial needs. David C. Winslow has years of experience negotiating fair spousal support (alimony) payments. We advise whether clients are receiving too little or paying too much in spousal support.

 We also counsel clients when circumstances change and require modification of the level of support. Changing circumstances can include a parent or former spouse losing a job or obtaining a promotion, an inheritance, medical expenses, education expenses and other special needs. Sometimes it is necessary to obtain a vocational expert to testify that the supported spouse is capable of being self supporting, or at least capable of contributing to their situation. David C. Winslow will also assist in ensuring support orders are properly enforced.

Division of Property
Division of assets in a divorce can be a challenge. David C. Winslow meets that challenge with years of divorce law experience and a business and personal background in real estate. David Winslow has extensive experience in equitable division of assets and have the know-how to resolve even the most complex financial situations, including those involving substantial assets, closely held businesses and commercial and residential real estate holdings.
Your contributions of separate property to the community can be traced and protected. We negotiate and litigate equitable division of assets and are staunch advocates for our clients' interests.

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