Domestic Violence Orders

Domestic abuse, whether emotional or physical, hurts everyone in the home. The domestic abuse law firm of David C. Winslow is committed to protecting our clients and their children. If you or your child is at risk of abuse, or if you have been falsely charged with domestic abuse, you need to take action at the first opportunity. Domestic Violence Protective Orders can be obtained immediately.

CLETS restraining orders
CLETS stands for "California Law Enforcement Telecommunication System." This enables law enforcement officers to immediately check the validity of a Restraining Order. If you are the subject of a CLETS order, your rights can be severely impacted and restricted. Domestic abuse restraining orders can include various restrictions, including an order to move out of the house, to refrain from violence, to maintain a certain distance, to avoid contacting a person at work, or even to avoid defamation or making statements that interfere with the parent-child relationship. We handle domestic restraining orders in courts throughout the Orange County & Los Angeles area. David Winslow can obtain a restraining order if you are the victim of Domestic Violence, or he can defend you if you are accused of abuse.

Supervised visitation
If you feel your child is not safe with the other parent, and there is some evidence to support your position, we will ask the court to grant you full custody or limit visitation in a way that protects your child. If you have been accused of abuse and you are not being given access to your child, we can assist you with establishing and enforcing your rights as a parent. David C. Winslow can help with Supervised Visitation challenges.

Spousal abuse and children
If you are a victim of spousal abuse, your children are victims as well. It is necessary that you separate from the situation for the sake of your children. If you need to move out of your house David C. Winslow will see that your parental rights are preserved. Quick accurate advice, and a timely decision may be what is best for you.

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