Prenuptial Agreements

Such agreement are advised when you are the party entering the marriage with more assets than the other. David C. Winslow can customize a pre-marital or post-marital agreement that sets out each party's assets, debts and property rights and settles how property and spousal support will be handled in the event of a divorce or death. Pre-nuptial agreements ensure each parties' separate property, or income, is protected in the event the marriage does not last forever. There are also benefits providing protection of the parties' estate, ensuring distribution according to the party's wishes. Prenuptial Agreements can protect the interests of your children from a previous marriage.

Without a prenuptial agreement, you and your children could lose a substantial part of your estate in the event of a divorce. David Winslow can advise you how to avoid such a tragedy.

Post-nuptial Agreements
A post-nuptial agreement is a voluntary contract created after the wedding and during the marriage. Post-nuptial agreements can help resolve issues in a marriage by ending disagreements over finances, assets, children and even chores. The agreements can stop conflict and promote harmony. Post-nuptial agreements also can be beneficial if the financial status of either spouse changes, such as through a career change, an inheritance, change in investments or the selling of a business.

The need for pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements becomes increasingly important as people's economic circumstances grow more complex. It is prudent that certain kinds of property acquired before and after a marriage be identified and their potential future disposition clearly agreed to. This helps avoid stress and litigation in the event of a divorce.

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