Child Custody

The custody arrangements for your children, before, during, and after a divorce, are vital to their well-being. David C. Winslow regularly helps families negotiate, enforce and modify child custody arrangements. Child custody can be very frustrating when one parent interferes with the custodial time of the other, or when the other parent neglects to exercise their time with the children. We can help ensure child custody orders are solid, and that our clients' rights will be established and upheld.

There are many factors to protecting your relationship with your children before, during, and after a divorce. Just filing and serving the Petition for Dissolution triggers certain automatic orders that restrict movement of the children.  Conduct by the parents during divorce can be a deciding factor on which parent has significant time with the children. Sometimes Courts order Professional Evaluations (730 Evaluation) of the custodial situation to determine how custody will be ordered. This is a pivotal point in the life of the parents and the children in terms of future time sharing. It is crucial to have experienced representation to advise you how to handle the situation.
Our philosophy is to maximize our client's potential for custodial time with their children, and to reduce conflict so that the divorce has minimal impact on the children. We strive to keep kids out of the middle and present the best facts and legal approach to prevail in Court. IT IS ESSENTIAL TO PREVAIL EARLY IN CUSTODY LITIGATION. ONCE LOST, YOUR CUSTODY RIGHTS CAN BE DIFFICULT TO REGAIN.
Whether you seek individual, joint or shared custody of your children, David C. Winslow can negotiate an arrangement that is best for you and your children.

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Visitation is the time a non-custodial parent is permitted to spend with his / her children. David C. Winslow negotiates agreements tailored to parent and child schedules and which promotes the children's best interests. When negotiation fails to provide a plan agreeable to our client, David Winslow will have the Court order and uphold your rights to custody. When child custody or visitation orders are violated, we will see to it that the orders are enforced. David Winslow can also modify child custody/visitation agreements when family needs or situations change.

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