I have represented many types of people in their divorce or child custody matters. They have included doctors, lawyers, scientists, business owners, professional athletes, teachers, and police officers. Each has had their own legal challenges I helped them overcome. If you are facing a divorce or child custody matter and want experienced representation, I would be honored to assist you.

-David C. Winslow


“I am one of the rare people who had to suffer through being falsely accused of child sexual abuse in a divorce. I was not able to see my child except in a limited setting. Fortunately, I had David Winslow to advise me and help me through it all. He was able to prove to the Court that my wife was lying and I was really a good dad. Today I have my daughter in my custody and she is doing fine. My ex-wife had to pay attorney's fees and is now paying me child support and spousal support.”
Michael H.
Training Manager

“My divorce was complicated by a vindictive husband and his sleazy attorneys. David helped me get through it and I received a $20,000 award in attorney’s fees that my ex had to pay.”
Donna H. 

“Dave handled my case like a pro. He kept the other side on defense and the outcome for me was a savings of over $200,000 through a settlement. I would recommend him to anyone and would use him again myself.”
Duval L.
NFL Player, retired

“At first I tried to represent myself in court and only got one visitation day per week. After Dave Winslow took over the case I was awarded three days per week with my son.”
Sean M.
Police Officer

“When I experienced my divorce the easy choice for my divorce attorney was David Winslow. Although I am an attorney, I know family law can be an unpredictable field. There were many decisions to make. I was confident Dave would successfully navigate me through the hard times and not overcharge me.”
Robert R.

“I wanted to sell our house when I went through my divorce but my husband wanted to keep it. David was able to negotiate a much higher price from my husband than I ever would have been paid if the house would have sold on the open market.”
Tammy G.

“David went to court for me and had my custodial time with my son increased from 35% to 50% custody. Now I can spend more time with my son and less time dealing with my ex.”
Gary S.
Business Owner

“I made the initial mistake of using a discount paralegal company to do my divorce and complete the judgment. There were big loopholes in that judgment and I was left financially vulnerable. When my ex-wife tried to take me back to court David was able to rectify the problems. I did not have to give up any property or assets and now our judgment covers everything.”
Andrew L.
Police Officer


*As each person's situation is different, these testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.



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